High-end materials in monitor development and production

We don’t just meet standards – we set them

We handle the complete manufacturing and development process ourselves. Even in areas in which we work with suppliers, we prefer to remain completely independent. This gives us the freedom to choose the supplier that can deliver the best workpiece when we develop our monitors. The result: sophisticated solutions with a unique edge in quality. This is the only way we can make the perfect image even more perfect.

High-end materials

Whatever the component, we always choose the best that the market has to offer.

Sophisticated electronics

Sophisticated electronics for EIZO monitors

Sophisticated electronics are key components in a monitor. We develop and produce our circuit boards ourselves and subject them to rigorous testing.

Image processors

When it comes to image processors, we also like to hold the reins. Our many years of experience go into developing our own image processors (ASIC) so we are sure to get the best out of our LCD panels.

EIZO selects the best panel technologies for every monitor

The best technologies for the best image.

Whether you’re reading texts, editing spreadsheets, or viewing images, EIZO office monitors always give you a clear view. This is because we carefully select the best panels for each model, given that even within the same type of LCD technology – for example, IPS panels – there are still significant differences in quality.

Viewing angle stability

Our IPS panels guarantee outstanding viewing angle stability at all times. This means that you will barely notice any deviation in brightness or chromaticity, even at a slanted viewing angle.

In addition, all our monitors have anti-glare displays, which is important for preventing distracting reflections.

Panel selection

When selecting LCD panels as we develop our business monitors, we do not focus on providers; instead, we look only for the best quality. An LCD panel ends up in an EIZO monitor model only if it has passed a rigorous quality test. This is how we make sure that you end up working with the best image quality.

Colour control

An image can only be perfect if the colours are, too. This is why EIZO office monitors have a 10-bit look-up table which allows the colour information to be assigned much more precisely than with conventional 8-bit LUTs. The finest colour gradations ensure that gradients are always perfectly displayed while also offering customised adjustment options. For example, you can adjust the white balance from 4,000 K to 10,000 K in 500-K intervals.

Colour control for a monitor without a 10-bit look-up table
Without 10-bit look-up table
The finest colour gradations of a monitor with 10-bit look-up table
With 10-bit look-up table
An EIZO monitor goes through several adjustments and extensive tests.

Putting perfection to the test.

Before an EIZO monitor is ready to give you the perfect image, it goes through several adjustments and extensive tests.

Factory calibration

In a fully automated process, the colour temperature, gamma, white balance and brightness of each monitor are measured and adjusted. In addition, each monitor is inspected with the trained eyes of an EIZO employee.

Extended tests

Before and during the series production, we perform extended tests on the stability of the product and image quality over thousands of hours of monitor usage time.

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The EIZO monitor test

The EIZO monitor test

Do you want to put the image quality of your monitor to the test? We recommend our monitor test. You can carry out 13 individual tests to check how homogenous the image display is across the entire monitor and if the text is displayed sharply. You can also check your monitor for pixel errors and get a sense of its viewing angle stability. Put your monitor to the test now!

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